Frequently Asked Questions
1) When was Brigade M founded?
In 1995/1996 a few ex-members of the Dutch hardcoreband OKD (formerly known as Opel Kadeath) started a new project called Brigade Mussert. In 1997 the band changed their name to Brigade M and recorded songs for the 'Welkom in Sassem' compilation CD. In the year 2000 a line-up was found and the first gig was played in february 2001.
2) What is the line up of Brigade M?
Brigade M constantly changes the line-up. As of January 2004 it's; Tim - Vocals, Mike - Guitar, Tom - Bass and Jasper - Drums.
3) What does the 'M' in Brigade M stand for?
M stands for Metapolitics. This term is being used to expres that verything is politics and politics is everything. More exact was the word used by the French 'Nouvelle Droite' (New Right) to describe the taking of power by using art as a means of tactics.
4) What are Brigade M's musical influences and favorite bands?
All the bandmembers of Brigade M have different musical backgrounds, but nationalism is what binds us. We are influenced by Oi, metal, thrash metal, hardcore, rock and punk, and our music can be seen as a crossover of these styles. Some of our favorite bands are Manowar, Blue Eyed Devils, Landser, Toy Dolls, Type O Negative, Kiss, Negative Approach, The Ramones, Burzum, Skrewdriver, Bound for Glory, Death in June, Wagner, Kraftwerk, Absu, Zetazeroalfa, Wagner and Combat 84.
5) How many concerts did Brigade M play and where?
Brigade M has done about 45 gigs in 15 countries; The Netherlands, Flanders, Germany, England, Poland, France, Hungary, Czech Republik, Slovenia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Hellas, Italy, Ukrain and Rumania.
6) What was your best concert?
That's hard to say. We are a real live band and our setlist consists of own songs as well as covers from bands as Metallica, Bound for Glory, Landser and Skrewdriver. If we play in front of an enthuasiastic audience it mostly benefits our enthusiasm and stage-power as well. We don't care to play for 60 or 600 people, we play to spread a message, and not for simple entertainment. Everybody who's seen us perform knows what we mean with that.
7) What are your releases so far?

Promo CDr "Holland" including videoclip (sold out) 2001
Vinyl 7" EP "Boykot McDood" (limited to 300 copies, sold out) 2002
CD "Trouw aan Rood, Wit, Blauw" 2003
Split CD "Diets - Deutsche kameraden" with Stromschlag and Schutt und Asche (Germany) 2003
CD-single 'Pechtold Houzee!/Volkert is een Mietje' (free on 2003
Split CDr "We're gonna fight" with Tsyrulnia (Ukraine) 2003
Cassette "1997-2002 Rock voor Volk en Vaderland" 2003
Vinyl 7" EP 'Ode aan de Kazerne' (limited to 500 copies) 2003
Split-CD 'Dutch-Hungarian Friendship' with Fehér Törvény (Hungary) 2003

Also we contributed to about 10 compilations, such as 'Tribute to Landser vol.2'. 'Welkom in Sassem 1 and 2' and 'Europe Explosion'.

We encourage everyone to spread nationalist music on a big scale as possible. Brigade M is in no way interested in copyrights, royalties or personal fame, our prior aim is to get the message across. And this most importantly to people outside the RAC-music scene. So copying CDs and MP3's only benefit the movement. Bands complaining about such things are rock stars, not political soldiers.

8) Is Brigade M part of a organisation?

No! As a band we are completely independent. We try to get our national-revolutionary message out to as many different people and organisations within and outside of the'nationalist' movement. The Brigade M bandmembers are active within various organisations as individuals though bear in mind that music is just one of many ways of resistance, and should not be considered as the most important one. We strongly encourage everyone to get educated and involved within the nationalist movement.

9) What merchandise do you have for sale?
The CD 'Trouw aan Rood, Wit, Blauw', 7" 'Ode aan de Kazerne', Split-CD 'Dutch-Hungarian Brotherhood', various T-hemden, a polo-shirt, pins, buttons, patches and more. See for details the 'Merchandise' section.
10) How do I get in touch with Briagde M?
E-mail: or write to: Brigade M, Postbus 84, 2170 AB Sassenheim, The Netherlands